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  • USFlatFeeListing.com the most powerful name in Flat Fee Real Estate is now granting exclusive licensing of it's trademark name throughout the United States.

    According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) more and more sellers are choosing to sell their homes on their own using Flat Fee Services. The number of homes being sold with Flat Fee MLS programs rather than a traditional broker grew 30% in 2012. These homes represented 12% of all existing homes sales (up from 10% in 2012).

    The annual NAR report shows sellers are skipping the listing broker and opting for flat fee solutions!

    We are looking for self- motivated real estate brokers who want to experience the future of real estate while saving their customers thousands of dollars.

    USFlatFeeListing.com is now granting exclusive trademark Licensing

    Low Costs – Turn- key solution to start your own statewide flat fee real estate firm.

    Visit USFlatFeeListing.com to learn how to become the exclusive MLS4owners broker in your state!


    *This not a franchise opportunity.​

Own a Flat Fee MLS Business

Welcome to USFLATFEELISTING a Proven Real Estate Model and the Future of Real Estate!

UsFlatFeeListing.com was developed  to fulfill a need for real estate sellers and buyers to maximize profit.  Today's consumer wants to take more control over their real estate transaction and UsFlatFeeListing.com provides them the level of services they need on an a la carte model.  Traditional brokerages are trying to hold back the impending change to a flat fee model, but UsFlatFeeListing.com has proven the client will get what they want. Discount and online services are demanding a full-fledged overhaul in how real estate professionals conduct themselves. Do you want to be one of the new innovators or stay with the same ole same ole?

Own Your own Office for a Fraction of The Cost of a Traditional Franchise

Now You Can Own and Manage Your Own UsFlatFeeListing.com Territory!

At UsFlatFeeListing.com We Rely On Some Very Simple Principles:

·         Provide state of the art internet technology to the savvy, educated real estate customer.

·         Offer our customers a way to save thousands of dollars, and still receive EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE.

·         Offer a call to action brand name that is a positive reflection of the Discount real estate market.

·         Educate the customer that they no longer have to pay high commissions to get full service.

Work From Literally Anywhere!

The days of laving a lavish office and high overhead are no longer needed with the dawn of the internet, and clients fast paced lives. The UsFlatFeeListing.com network works from their office if they choose to lease one, from home, coffee shops, and on the beach while vacationing.  With a Smartphone, Laptop, or IPad etc. you can work and make money from anywhere.  Plus your website is working 24/7.  Our model believes in maximizing profits for our territory licensees and our clients! The truth is, the high overhead office is part of the old fashioned traditional real estate business model that is outdated and is possibly why you are here  reading this now.

Training for Our Licensees:

Territory Support: Our goal is for all licensees to be successful!  We want the UsFlatFeeListing.com brand to be marketed in a positive way, and we want clients to be happy, as well as our licensee family.  We will provide support on anything you need fro, signage, leases, equipment, furnishings and advertising just to name a few.

• Training: Once you become a member of the UsFlatFeeListing.com family, you will receive personal training in all the particulars of running a successful flat fee real estate business.

• Revenue Streams:  We will share with you our proprietary information on how to get more revenue from advertisers, closings, and more.

• Marketing: UsFlatFeeListing.com has developed a state of the art website for orders and leads.  Our technology can be accessed from any location enabling you to work whenever and wherever you wish.  Marketing is one of the absolutely essential elements to your success and we will train you on what we have determined works for our licensees.

• Technology: We have developed a turnkey website that allows the licensee to be up and running within days,  Your website will be search engine friendly and will contain your listings, and provides a professional look and feel for the client.  Your website back end CRM system will allow you to see your orders and clients easily for sale tracking and email campaigns.

• Consultation and Communication: Once you join UsFlatFeeListing.com you are a member of the family.  Our goal is that you succeed! 


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